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Welcome to the inaugural blog post on IOR

Hello and welcome to the inaugural blog post on IOR – The Intersection of Opportunity and Readiness. I am Mike Rittler, and I am here to share my thoughts, insights and musings with you. As we go on this journey together, you will get to know me better – my story, my influences, my passions, etc.… But, for now, let me talk about IOR and why I think it is an important concept.

First, lets define the three words (using Oxford Languages dictionary):

Intersection is a point at which two or more things intersect – that is they pass or lie across each other.

Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Readiness is the state of being fully prepared for something.

Just defining the three words gives you the powerful insight into the concept. Virtually all good things happen when a set of circumstances makes it possible to do something that you are fully prepared to do. When these two states cross or intersect – watch out! It is powerful!

Just think of your own life – personal, professional – whatever. When you are ready for something and the opportunity presents itself and you act on it – it usually works out for you and provides great joy. Pretty simple concept, don’t you think?

So, during our time together on this blog, I will share some stories of where this has worked out well for me. Of course, there are times where things did not work out quite so well, too. We will dive into those cases, to see if IOR existed, or, if I somehow convinced myself that it did.

I hope to make this blog useful for you and for me. As I mention in the “about” section, I have always been “naturally curious” about things - life itself, faith, work, families, human interactions, leadership, success - you name it. Hopefully, some of what I share from my 50+ years of life and 35+ years of work will be interesting or relevant in your journey.

Welcome aboard! Let the journey begin!


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Claudio Felix
Claudio Felix
Mar 05, 2021

How wonderful! From one naturally curious person to another, I am looking forward to learning more!


Interesting idea. Looking forward to reading more!


Paul Hamilton
Paul Hamilton
Mar 04, 2021

Looking forward to learning from you as you venture on your journey!

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